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Best Insurance Companies Worldwide

ING’s insurance company is one of the leading banks in dealing with insurance. Its roots are spread worldwide in famous lands such as Australia, America and Malaysia. Here are some facts and accountancy details you’ll be finding useful if you ever wanted help in insurance. Undoubtedly this is the best so far bank to help you at your insurance concerns. Please take a look at the details of this bank:

 Market Capitalization: $ 35.63 Billion

Revenue              €42.64 billion (2012)

Operating income            €3.89 billion (2012)

Profit     €3.10 billion (2012)

Total assets        €1.169 trillion (2012)

Total equity        €57.69 billion (2012)

Employees          84,718 (2012)




AXA is a financial service provider which was founded in 1817, it headquarters lie in 25 avenue Matignon, 75008, Paris, France.  The services are provided worldwide. A well-known name in health insurance. It is the best choice one can make while choosing the best insurance company. Here are its massive details required for you to know.

Revenue              €86.107 billion (2011)

Profit     €4.324 billion (2011)

AUM     €1.113 trillion (2011)

Total assets        €731.65 billion (2011)

Total equity        €49.70 billion (2011)

Employees          102,960 (2010)



3.Zurich International Group:

A Swiss insurance company which was founded in 1872 and its famous, massive headquarter lies in Zurich, Switzerland. The company deals with both life and non-life insurance. This company is famous for its high standards and costumer satisfaction. A good choice in insurance companies for sure. Take a look at its details too:

Revenue              Increase US$ 70.414 billion (2012)

Total assets        Increase US$ 409.267 billion (2012)

Total equity        Increase US$ 34.494 billion (2012)

Employees          60,000 (2012)



  1. AIG:

American International Group.Inc which is also known as AIG, is a multinational insurance company which serving in more than 130 countries across the globe. It was founded in Shangai, CHINA in 1919. Whereas its headquarter is in New York. The company deals in all types of insurance and is the best company so far.  Take a look at its details :

Market Capitalization: $ 57.53 billion

Revenue              Decrease US$ 68.6 billion (2013)

Operating income            Increase US$ 9.08 billion (2013)

Net income        Increase US$ 6.7 billion (2013)

Total assets        Decrease US$ $541.3 billion (2013)

Total equity        Increase US$ $100.5 billion (2013)

Employees          IncreaseApproximately 64,000 (2013)




5.Berkshire Hathaway:

An American multinational conglomerate holding company. It was founded in 1839 and its headquarter is in US. The reason why this is the NUMBER ONE INSURANCE COMPANY  is the capability of it being so unbelievably expanded and still having high standards with 100% satisfaction for the customer. Do check out its details you get your answer there:

Market Capitalization: $ 252.8 Billion

Revenue              Increase US$ 182.150 billion (2013)

Operating income            Increase US$ 28.796 billion (2013)

Net income        Increase US$ 19.476 billion (2013)

Total assets        Increase US$ 484.931 billion (2013)

Total equity        Increase US$ 224.485 billion (2013)

Employees          302,000 (2013)

Subsidiaries        List of subsidiaries


Note: the list is in ascending form. Number one is bershire and last is ING

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